Why Choose us as your Insurance Provider?

The Armstrong family business has deep ties with the Jacksonville community. Bill Armstrong opened the Agency in 1972 at the corner of San Marco Blvd. and Gary Street. Colan and Carol Armstrong came to work at the agency in 1976 as graduating seniors, Colan from Ed White, and Carol from Sandalwood High. They married years later.

Colan took over the Agency in 2003 after Bill retired. Haley Armstrong Norman, started filing at the Agency in college to help pay for school. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business and is now carrying on the family business into its third generation. The Armstrong Agency continues its legacy of trust, loyalty and service to our customers. Thank you for 40 years, and here’s to 40 more!

 “Thank you to all of our customers who keep their business local and with a name you’ve come to trust over the years. We consider you part of the family. It has been a joy to talk to customers who knew my grandfather or Dad, and are now getting to know me. To see that level of loyalty is something my generation can learn from, and I truly cherish. Thank you for your continued support.”

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